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Internal Wall Insulation

August 10th, 2012

Whilst most people are aware about the importance of insulating their roofs, a lot are unaware that 45% of heat can also be lost through the walls of your house. Homes built around or prior to 1930 typically have solid brick walls. Solid wall insulation is an excellent way of preventing energy waste and cutting approximately £450-£500 per year off your fuel bills.

Insulating your home is the most cost effective way of improving the energy efficiency rating of your home. Not only will it make your home warmer, quieter and more comfortable but it will also make it a more attractive investment for a prospective buyer.
As a result of the Government’s drive to reduce CO2 emissions, every household in the UK is entitled to subsidised insulation. Some homes may be eligible to receive it FREE.

North East Soundproofing Solutions are ‘Approved Installers’ of Internal Wall Insulation.

Important information for  Housing Association, Local Authorities and private Landlords.

• Internal Wall Insulation is Cost effective
• Reduce fuel poverty
• Makes property more attractive to prospective tenants
• Beneficial to tenants health
• Improved housing stock reduces condensation
• Improving thermal comfort for tenants
• Doing bit for the environment
• Socially correct thing to do
• Improved energy efficiency is reflected in the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) highlighting the
benefits for prospective tenants

If you are a Landlord and make energy saving improvements to your property, you could reduce the tax you pay. You can do this by claiming the ‘Landlord’s Energy Saving Allowance’ (LESA).

Installing internal wall insulation also has the added benefit of reducing the CO2 emissions associated with your home by approximately two tonnes* per annum for the lifetime of the property. So as well as helping to conserve precious energy resources the
environment also benefits by helping to reduce the effect of global warming.
*Source: (February 2010)