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Flat conversions – Soundproofing!

November 19th, 2012


We are often called upon to install soundproofing within flats. Generally there has been no attempt to install acoustic insulation when it should have been. Flats converted from large houses are often the case.

It’s good for us! As we get asked to put it right… But not good for home owners or tenants’ who have problems with noisy neighbours!  You don’t even have to have a noisy neighbour to have problems – as many flats are simply built poorly, and due to the original construction noise can easily travel throughout the building.

Part E of the current building Regulations state: Residential buildings, including houses and flats, must include some level of protection against the passage of sound from other parts of the same building as well as adjoining properties.

This will be achieved by constructing internal separating walls and floors which achieve the minimum standards as set out in the tables provided, in terms of the insulation against airborne and impact sound.


We have a project in Newcastle upon Tyne, where the property had no soundproofing installed when it was converted. The loft space had been changed into a residence, and noise was travelling between floors. We solved this problem by installing the correct type of acoustic insulation. The project is on-going as there are other parts of the building that require our attention.

Here’s a review from one of the tenants

North East Soundproofing Solutions recently worked on our flat which had been converted from an attic with very little in the way of sound insulation between our floor and our neighbour’s ceiling.

Ian and his team were extremely professional and worked hard to make sure the job was done efficiently and to a high standard.

We would not hesitate to recommend North East Soundproofing Solutions.


If noise invades your privacy then soundproofing is likely to offer a significant improvement to the quality of life in your home by reducing the amount of noise pollution you suffer. Whilst for some people it is generally raised voices and occasional loud music, for others it can be sound from television or radio.

Check out testimonials from our customers to see how their quality of life has been improved as a direct result of the sound insulation we installed.