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Soundproofing your walls and/or ceilings can also help reduce heating bills.

November 7th, 2013

Insulating your home is the most cost effective way of improving the energy efficiency rating of your home. Not only will it make your home quieter, warmer and more comfortable but it will also make it a more attractive investment for a prospective buyer.

Our Soundproofing Solutions not only significantly reduce noise, but will also help reduce heating costs. Around a third of the heat is lost in an uninsulated house with cavity walls, which account for a large majority of recently built homes. Occupants can see a return on investment within a couple of years by soundproofing their walls and ceilings.

Homes with solid walls can lose even more heat than cavity walls. Typically the total heat loss from an uninsulated house with solid external walls account for 45%. Insulating solid walls can be more expensive than cavity wall insulation. However, higher savings can be achieved through internal insulation for solid walls saving the occupant up to £400 a year.

The benefits of Soundproofing:

• A quieter home, restoring peace.

• A warmer home in the winter and cooler in the summer.

• A more environmentally friendly home.

• Comfortable internal environment, quickly achieved.

• A cost effective solution to noise problems.

• No structural alterations

• Helping to protect the environment by installing an environmentally friendly insulation product with a high recycled content

• Bespoke solution.

• Fire Retardant.

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