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Soundproofing a Hotel

North East Soundproofing Solutions can help your business.

Hotel, Guest House or B & B: One of the most common complaints guests have about their stay is noise. Noise from the room next door, noise from the room above, noise from outside... Guests will not return if they do not enjoy peace and quiet on their first stay.

A good night’s sleep is a priority!

If you can provide your guests with a soundproofed room, you are providing a better-quality experience. Guests return to your accommodation and let their friends know.

We can help improve the sound quality in your function suites.

Conference rooms, training rooms, banqueting halls can all benefit from an acoustic solution, positioning your hotel as a prime venue.

Soundproofing your hotel will increase occupancy and minimise noise complaints. Reducing or eliminating costly reimbursements for unhappy guests and provide a restful and peaceful stay so guests return and tell others, improving your business.