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Soundproofing an Office

Offices can generally be noisy places.

Outside traffic, footfall, conversation, machinery can all be a nuisance. Annoying noise can be a distraction. Soundproofing an office could provide some relief to employees who find themselves distracted by day to day noise. A quieter workplace can reduce stress, and enhance productivity.

Confidentiality may be an issue and speech can be heard in adjacent spaces.

Soundproofing can help keep areas private, ensuring your confidential information is not at risk.

Perhaps there is too much noise within your office!

You cannot hear yourself think, and can’t concentrate. You can’t hear your customers over the phone due to too much noise around you.

North East Soundproofing Solutions can help with sound absorption. We have a solution to fit your needs.

  • No structural alterations.
  • Excellent acoustic and thermal performance
  • Cost effective sound control.